Welcome to our 20th-Century Middle East wiki!

Since there is so much to talk about in this class and so little time to do it, I have established this wiki where we can discuss and collectively add to the knowledge of the group as a whole.

You may help me figure out a better way to use this platform. But, for now, I want to take a cue from wikipedia, the world's largest and much maligned (not deservedly in my view) wiki. We are going to create an encyclopedia of the 20th-Century Middle East.

I have divided you into 7 groups of between 6 and 7 people. The seven groups are: 1) Global; 2) Regional;
3) Egypt; 4) Syria; 5) Palestine; 6) Iran; 7) Lebanon. If some of you are interested in creating another group that focuses on another country, let's do it. But, I don't want this to become too much of a research project. I think it will be most beneficial to stay within the readings and lectures within the class.

Each group will have a page in which they will collectively put together an alphabetically arranged list of key terms, concepts, events, and historical figures that have emerged from your reading (primarily assigned reading) as key to understanding the region or some part of it. One of the goals of this assignment is for this work to be as collective and collaborative as possible. So, don't hesitate to edit your colleagues work. Don't be offended if editing has occurred.

If you want to discuss what is developing in your "encyclopedia", click on the "discussion" tab and hold forth there.

I have not determined a set amount of entries or edits or discussion posts for each of you. But, take a half hour to an hour each week to read and contribute and edit and comment as you see fit. I can keep track of who is participating. As they say, "Santa Claus is coming to town / He's making a list / And checking it twice; / Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice..."